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1260 Kabob Grilling Baskets


Barbecue Baskets BBQ BBQ Net Sausage BBQ Basket Grill Baskets 218g

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Wooden handle barbecue basket 218g

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Bbq Accessories Portable Cube Grilling Basket Outdoor Custom Grill Net With Wood Handle Barbecue Accessories
Kebab Grilling Basket & Grilling Skewers Stainless Steel - Kabob Grilling Baskets Metal BBQ Skewers. Kabob Basket for Veggies, Jumbo Shrimps - Grilling Baskets & Barbecue Skewers
Tool Type:Basting Brushes
Finishing:Chrome Plated
Feature:Easily Cleaned, Heat Resistance
Usage:Outdoor BBQ
Handle material:Hardwood



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