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11060 Car cigarette lighter shaped medicine box


Imitation car cigarette lighter privacy storage box concealed storage box tobacco storage tank

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Car cigarette lighter shaped medicine box privacy storage mini pill box

Pill Case can store emergency medicine, especially when you travel, you can keep some medicine in it.
It is cute, small, light weight, and easy to carry.
This Waterproof holder also makes a great place for your kids to carry his/her ID and medication information.
Product surface anodic oxidation, waterproof wear-resisting and air tight.
Cover can screw up, sealing and waterproofing, inside very clean, can pack emergency pills, commonly used tablets, convenient use.
Perfect to store pills or small items.

Condition: brand new
Quantity: 1pc
Color: Black+Silver
Size: 3.5*1.8cm

Package includes:
1 x Pill Case


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