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1153 egg storage box

Plastic Egg Storage Container for Fridge Organization Storage Containers Transparent Box Egg Holder Bin with Lid Stackable Tray Holds 10/20 Eggs

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PP plastic

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blue, gray, green

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HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL BPA FREE- The egg storage box is made of food-grade PP material, no BPA, safe and environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable; can be stacked and stored, neat and beautiful, so that the refrigerator is organized. The high-quality plastic structure can withstand daily use, is dust-proof and moisture-proof, and is easy to carry.


SPACE SAVING- The sturdy lid of the container can be stacked to increase the storage space of the refrigerator. The groove design, each egg is placed separately to prevent shaking and effectively prevent the egg from collision and cracking. To maintain the integrity and freshness of each egg. kitchen camping picnic essential products.


10/20 GRIDS FOR EGGS-The egg box has 1-tier or 2-tier optional, can hold 10-20 eggs, which is suitable for almost all kinds of eggs and duck eggs on the market. The egg box is a transparent box, you can easily tell the status and quantity of the eggs inside. It is convenient for you to replenish your egg inventory in time!


STORAGE IN DIFFERENT PLACES- Ideal for refrigerators, freezers, kitchens, kitchen cabinets, camping and picnics. The egg box has strong carrying capacity, comfortable hand feeling, smooth edges, safe use, and 100% safe storage of food!

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