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1157 Popsicle Mold

Homemade Popside Mold Reusable Popsicle Molds PP plastic BPA Free, Ice Pop Molds Ice Tray Molds Holder

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PP plastic

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green, pink

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FOOD-GRADE SAFE MOLD- The PP plastic mould is BPA-free & eco-friendly products that will last a lifetime. No rusting. No contamination. With a cute design, there is no better-looking indulgence than these ice pop treats.


HOMEMADE POPSICLE MAKER- The reusable ice pop molds & popsicle holder has 8 half spaces for making popsides. It’s very easy to make out perfect popsicles with cute flat shapes.


PERFECT FOR PARTIES- From toddlers to adults everyone loves a popsicle. The rabbit shaped ice cream containers for homemade ice cream are simply ideal. Fill each popsicle mold with fruit juice, smoothie mixture or flavored water. Close the lid, place the popsicle molds in your freezer. Then you will enjoy the delicious popsicles.


EASY TO USE- Each ice pop mold is easy to fill & reuse, producing crowd-pleasing ice pops every time. The popsicle maker Includes sticks with drip tray to prevent drippy sticky mess and keep hands clean, no more sticky hands while enjoy your treats! And no need to use disposable wooden sticks, reduce single-use.


CREATIVE DIY- There are 8 molds with 8 lids that you can create different flavors at the same time; Easy to use and easy to clean, great for parties, picnics, family gathering and after-school snack, etc.

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