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1191-1 clear storage bin with divider

Refrigerator Organizer Bin with Removable Dividers Clear Plastic Storage Bins for Freezer, Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Pantry Storage

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PANTRY ORGANIZERS AND STORAGE- Efficiently organize and de-clutter your Refrigerator, Pantry, Kitchen cabinets and countertops. Organize Fruits, Spice packets, Tea and Sugar packets, Salad seasonings mix, Nuts and oatmeal packets.

STACKABLE DESIGN- Dividers creating different sections and an open top allows easy arrangement and quick access to the stored items.

TRANSPARENT CONSTRUCTION- Made of high quality and durable BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic to endure years of usage. Their transparent design ensures visibility of stored items helping you to swiftly grab what you want.

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