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1192 egg storage tray

Stackable Refrigerator Egg Bin with Handle and Lid Food Storage Container Organizer for Fridge, Freezer BPA Free

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PET plastic

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12-egg:23x18x7.5cm, 14-egg: 37x11x7.5cm, 21-egg: 37x16x7.5cm

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FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZER: This multi-purpose egg organizer for refrigerator is an ideal solution for organizing refrigerators. These refrigerator egg storage bins are specifically designed to easily carry eggs and are also suitable for storing round things. Keep eggs clean in the fridge in a separate case. Features a handle type that is easy to put in and take out.

SAFE STORAGE: Each egg holder can hold up to 12 eggs, which is safe and stable, not easy to break, and a transparent egg holder countertop with handles is ideal for keeping eggs safe and maintaining freshness. It is very convenient for people who use many eggs and can be stacked together. The transparent design is easy for us to check how many eggs left in the bin.

DUSTPROOF WITH LID: Each freezer egg container comes with a lid, which can effectively increase the lifetime of eggs and foods, and also protects your food from dust and germs. This egg tray with lid can be kept in the main compartment and chiller compartment of the fridge.

STACKABLE DESIGN: This egg drawer for refrigerator can be stacked with additional Fridge Bin (sold separately) to maximize storage space. The egg tray for the refrigerator is made of durable BPA-free plastic construction that stands up to everyday use and is easy to clean with mild soap and water. Integrated front handle allows you for quick access and easy reorganization, and the separated sections keep eggs in place while moving the bin.

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