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1195 clear wine storage bin

Plastic Wine and Water Bottle Holder Stackable Clear Wine Rack Storage Organizer for Fridge, Cabinet, Pantry, Kitchen Countertops

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CLEAR TIDY BOTTLES: Organize your water bottles or show off your wine bottle collection with this Wine and Water Bottle Organizer. It saves valuable storage space in your countertop and fridge by stacking them one over the other.

STACKABLE DESIGN: Each bin can be stacked or used separately. This gives you the freedom to use the bins as per your wish. You might want to keep two wine rack holders in the fridge, one on the countertop or one in the cabinet and our organizer allows you to do that.

KEEP BOTTLES ACCESSIBLE&PROTECTED: The open design makes grabbing a chilled bottle of wine quick and easily. The stable construction and rigged bottom of the wine rack prevent wobbling, tilting, or falling. The bottles stay safe, the cork stays moisturized and your wine stays fresh!

QUALITY MATERIAL: Crafted from durable and shatter-resistant plastic, this organizer is ideal for everyday heavy-duty use in the kitchen. BPA free and food safe material ensures worry-free use. The crystal clear construction complements every decor.

WIDE USES: This water bottle organizer can be used to store wine, liquor champagne, drink bottles, soda bottles, or regular water bottles on your kitchen countertop, refrigerator, freezer, pantries, dining tables and cabinets. Can also be used in bars and wine cellars.

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