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2063 stainless steel auto bin

Touch Free Automatic Stainless Steel Trash Can Garbage Can Metal Trash Bin with Lid for Kitchen Living Room Office Bathroom, Electronic Touchless Motion Sensor Automatic Trash Can

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STAINLESS STEEL- stainless steel material is polished, with stainless steel wire drawing, it shows that it is not just a trash can in appearance, the modern technology appearance gives it a good decorative effect, can be placed in the room Good match to the room decor, looks more beautiful.


HIGH-TECH INDUCTION DEVICE- The touch free trash can used high technology induction device, whether it is sensing the proximity of a human hand or an object, it can respond quickly to open the lid of the trash can, and automatically close the lid within 5 seconds after the trash is thrown in. The opening and closing of the trash can lid will not make a lot of noise.


ADAPT TO VARIOUS OCCASION- You can put it near the cooking table in the kitchen to make it easier to thrown the food waste, and with the waterproof design, you can also put it in the bathroom, it also suitable for living room, bedroom, and office or other various occasion. The classic and simple design will never out of fashion.


EASY TO CLEAN AND ISOLATED ODOR- The kitchen trash can is treated with stainless steel wire drawing, which makes it very convenient to clean up the stainless steel trash can. The on the surface of the garbage can be easily removed with only a rag. If you don’t want the whole house to smell like you don’t like, you need to make sure that the lid of the bathroom trash can is always closed, and good sealing makes this possible.

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