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8081 storage stand

Multifunctional Clear Makeup Organizer Holder Countertop Vanity Storage Stand for Lipstick Eyeshadow Palette Perfume and More

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DURABLE CLEAR MATERIAL- This makeup organizer is made of high quality eco-friendly PS material, high transparency, beautiful and durable. It is easy to clean and won’t discolor over time.


MULTI-FUNCTION- This makeup organizer has two function areas: 18 Lipstick Slots for lipsticks and lip gloss; 6 Compartments Shelves for palettes, brushes, lip liners, eye liners, mascaras, highlighters, small tubes of cream, blush, bronzers, nail varnish and more. The case save more space and make your table cleaner and tidier. It can be placed in your bathroom, bedroom, dresser or your office.


STAND OR LAY FLAT- This organizer can sits vertically on your dresser or place it horizontally in your drawer, keep all your makeup organized and less cluttered.

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