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9210 Heel Tastic feet cream

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Intensive Heel Therapy Foot Heel Massage Cream Cracked Skin Foot Repair Oil Relieve Chapped Feet Beauty Cream Foot Care

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If your heels suffer from dryness and cracking, and all means are tried by you do not give any results, try a new revolutionary tool.
It is a natural remedy to remove the roughness of the skin on the heels and feet. Its versatile formula ever save you from dry and cracked skin! Use it daily to areas of dry skin, and you’ll never need no oil, cream or lotion!
You only need to handle Stick heel and foot, and the result waiting for you. Within a few days the skin of your feet will be smooth and healthy !!!
Pumice you no longer need! Now you can make up your feet in a natural way and not force friction heels. Skin care of heels and feet will help you achieve the feeling of infant skin.



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