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9218 furniture moving belt

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Moving Straps, 2-Person Lifting Straps for Moving Furniture, Lifting and Moving System Shoulder Belt for Carry Heavy Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, Lift Heavy Objects

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Multifunctional Portable Moving Strap For Carry Furniture Boxes Mattress Construction Materials

Material: Nylon
Usage: moving furniture
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  • EASIER TO MOVE LARGE FURNITURE, APPLIANCES AND MATTRESSES:  Includes 2 adjustable lifting straps. Their ergonomic design employs leverage. In fact, using them makes the items you carry seem up to 66% lighter! Plus, this super-helpful tool also encourages proper body mechanics. 
  • EASY TO USE: Crisscross lifting straps under item to provide 8 points of contact support for balance and stability when moving. Lifting straps make it easier to maneuver up and down stairs and turn corners than floor dollies.
  • SAVES YOUR FLOORS from scratches, dents, scuffs and scrapes that dollies and hand trucks leave behind

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