For export goods, product packaging is essential, because the goods have to undergo long-distance transport, loading and unloading etc. In order to protect the goods(sometimes fragile), we have to design a good package for the product to keep them safe and good condition when it arrives at destination. Plastic products because of its light weight, large volume, relatively small value of the characteristics of packaging also need to consider the cost of freight, so we need more packaging skills.

Packaging requests for plastic items and How to have a good packing

  1. Requirements on packing

Protection for Goods-the most basic and important packaging requirements for goods is to adapt to the characteristics of the goods, to prevent damage to goods, pollution and other losses.

The requirements of different modes of transport-such as strong, anti-extrusion, anti-collision packaging for maritime transport, shock-proof packaging for railway transport, and lightweight packaging for air transport, etc.

Meet national laws and regulations and customer requirements-such as the United States government, all untreated Chinese wooden packaging, are not allowed to enter the country; Arab countries ban the packaging of imported goods hexagonal star pattern and so on. In addition, if the customer on the packaging of certain specific requirements, but also according to the need and possible to be met.

Facilitate the operation of relevant personnel in various links- This requires reasonable packaging design, packaging specifications, weight, volume appropriate, scientific packaging methods, packaging clearly marked to meet the requirements of transport packaging standardization.

Cost-saving requirements- the cost of packing while ensuring the firmness of packing. The transport cost often has a direct relationship with the weight and volume of the transport packaging. Packaging cost directly affects the economic efficiency of enterprises, therefore, the selected packaging materials to light, strong, moderate. Plastic products in particular, often very light weight, large volume, but relatively low value, so it is more economical to require packaging.

2. Plastic products common packaging

For unit packaging, there are many kinds of packing ways like film packaging, opp bag packaging, color box or brown box packaging, as well as other special packaging.

The packaging requirements are different according to different market. For example, offline stores, supermarkets often require more on packing. Packaging is in addition to the product quality itself. It’s another good way of advertising products. Exquisite packaging can improve consumers purchase desire. For e-commerce products, packaging is relatively simple and efficient. Sellers of online store often choose suitable packing way according to their own needs. After the manufacturer pack the product individually, they will also pack the product in an outer carton to protect goods from damage during transportation. The outer box is oftenly a brown paper carton.

3. How to pack plastic goods

Use buffer materials used in packing

For export packaging to protect the product from damage, buffer materials are necessary to add into the packaging. Such as Pearl Cotton, foam board, bubble bags and so on. Plastic bags not only can protect the product from moisture, but also scratching. Fragile products need to strengthen the quality of outer carton. Master cartons are strengthened by using thickened stiffened papers.

Adhesive tape sealing method

It’s necessary to seal the box in right way at the endof packing. The first adhesive tape has to seal the carton at the bottom of cardboard closed along the gap. Adhesive tape on both sides of the cardboard need to be longer than 8cm at both ends and affixed to the side of the box. Then with two pieces of tape, in the direction perpendicular to the adhesive tape has been posted, the side and the bottom of the two slit paste, the two sides of the adhesive tape should be 8 cm longer at both ends of the box and paste in the box side. The top surface is treated in the same way. Such a method of sealing adhesive tape is known as a Chinese packing way with a character “工”.

tapes to pack cartons

How to make cartons strong under pressure  

Sometimes products cartons are afraid of pressure damage. We have to pack the box as full as possible, without gaps and space. And buffer materials are necessary for the carton, like foam board,bubble bag etc. Make sure the box after packing is firm and tight. Sometimes we even add corners in the box to strengthen the protection to prevent the goods from piercing and causing breakage by sharp things.

Amazon’s packing requirements and what we do for Amazon sellers

Amazon’s packaging requirements

Amazon FBA is a great way for sellers choice. Few sellers nowadays on Amazon select FBM to sell their goods. FBA brings big convenience for sellers but it’s essential for sellers to know Amazon’s requirements on goods and packaging to avoid paying unexpected service costs for the goods.

The appearance of the goods- many sellers do not actually know that Amazon has strict requirements on the appearance of goods. Defective products are generally rejected, even if sometimes there is only a little wrinkle, a small corner of the deflated a bit is not okay. Therefore, upon receipt of the owner’s cargo, must check the appearance of each box of cargo, there is no obvious damage and deformation. If yes, we must open the outer packaging to check the integrity of the internal cargo. Replace the packaging of unit product and paste SKU code (Pay special attention to the code whether it is same between unit packaging and shipping carton.

Standard carton size and weight limit- A single package can not exceed 30 kg. This is Amazon’s mandatory standard based on the efficiency of the delivery. But 15 kg is the recommended limit. Because if the weight is more than 15kg, two people have to operate the Amazon Cargo Operation Procedures (most of the German employees are from Amazon) . So it’s better not let the package more than 15kg. We have to put “overweight” or “Lift Team” labels on the box to remind Amazon operators that it needs two people to handle the carton. Amazon warehouse suggest carton dimensions that the longest length limite within 25inches(63.5cm).                                                               

Stickers and labels on package- As we all know barcode is the important information that Amazon identify and track inventory. So it’s essential to have the barcode for every product before it will be sent to the fulfillment warehouse. Besides the barcode, there are more stickers like FRAGILE label, OVERWEIGHT label and other stickers needed. Amazon doesn’t do custom packaging so sellers have to customize the packaging in factory before sending them to the fulfillment center. Place of origin is also important. Every package has to paste or print the information on(IE MADE IN CHINA).  

What we do for Amazon sellers

As a professional plastic household products manufacturer and exporter, We HANGZHOU COSTAR TRADE CO.,LTD have cooperated with many Amazon sellers. For Amazon sellers, it’s very important to concentrate on marketing and selling. We will do the rest for you.

1.Low prices offer, satisfy all kinds customized requests

There are many kinds of package for different products. We can do designs as required by customers with logo etc. Since we are manufacturer for all kinds of plastic products, we can satisfied customer’s all kinds of requirements accordingly and quickly. At the mean time, we quote quite low prices to support our business partners.

2. Supply quality products

For plastic household products, we are professional. We have 3 factories in JINHUA, TAIZHOU city in Zhejiang province. All kinds of plastic storage containers, bathroom storage organizers,waste bins baskets are all our products. And we are ready to start new mould to make new items for market. OEM/ODM orders are welcome at any time. We have strict quality control process before products delivery. And we supply after-sale service. Just contact us if you have any problem.

3. Free samples and small MOQ

We supply free samples to customers before bulk order. Customers just need to pay freight cost to check quality before placing order. And small quantity is accepted for clients to test market. Different items have different quantity requirements. Just contact our sales to get more information.

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