Several Tips for Storing Eggs in Refrigerator

We buy eggs from the market and oftenly put straight into refrigerator for storage once take them home.  Refrigeration is the right way to store eggs. But if you don’t pay attention to where you put them and how you store them, it’s very easy to turn fresh eggs into “poisoned eggs”. So what’s the right way to store eggs? How to keep them longer time as we can?

Eggs are the most common food in our refrigerator. We almost prepare them all the year round for diet because we eat them frequently. Sometimes we put piles of eggs in the fridge, here and there on the layers and fridge doors. I’ll share with you some tips for storing eggs in the refrigerator. You can keep the eggs more longer time, but also make other vegetables in the refrigerator avoid spoilage or bacterial infection. Come and have a look!

  • Put the egg with pointy end upside

No matter what kind of eggs you buy, duck eggs, goose eggs or quail eggs, you will find that they all have a pointy end and a blunt end on each one. We have to lay blunt end upside. Since there is an air sac left for chick embryo breathing air during being hatched at the blunt end of an egg. If we store an egg pointy end up with the air sac at the bottom, the sac which will slowly rise and move towards the yolk. Because the air is lighter than the egg yolk and white. In this way, the sac will bring bacteria and risk contaminating the egg yolk. So you can keep the eggs longer time by putting it upright with pointy end down. It’s necessary to store eggs in containers having suitable size holes in it.

  • Put eggs in boxes isolated with other food in fridge

As we all know, an egg is born by a hen, and the part where the hen lays the egg is the same as the part where she excretes. So in fact, on the outer shell of the egg, it’s easy to pick up Esherichia coli and other bacteria that you can’t see with the naked eye. But we often dont wash eggs before use. Eggs that have been touched with water are easily spoiled. So, we have to store eggs keeping away from other vegetables and leftovers, otherwise the dirt and bacteria on the eggs can easily infect other vegetables and fruits in the fridge. Nowadays there are many special egg storage boxes in the market. We have to prepare some containers with lids. We can put the eggs in the box and then put them in the refrigerator. It’s better to buy boxes with lids.

  • Take out the eggs that kept long term and clean storage containers

Many people fall into a misunderstanding that the refrigerator can store foods as long as they want. People buy a lot of eggs at a time. Sometimes we forget the eggs and left them in the fridge for 1 month, 2 months… For eggs, there is almost no change in appearance after long term storing. So we may think they are fresh. But in fact, this is not a good habit to storing foods. Eggs are fresh food, even they are stored in the refrigerator, there is also a use period.

After a long time storing, the nutrients in egg will also be lost and go bad. The best time to put eggs in the refrigerator is a week. If you eat them within a week, you will get the delicious taste and nutrition of fresh eggs. The longer they remain, the less delicious the eggs will be, even the smell of eggs in the middle will come out. It’s better to buy small quantity at a time and clean the storage containers regularly. This will make your fridge tidy and clean.

I’ve shared three tips for keeping eggs in the fridge. How do you think of them? Are they helpful? If you have more egg storing tips welcome to share with us. Not all ingredients fit in the fridge, and not everything that goes in the fridge is always fresh. Store it in moderation and keep it diverse and fresh so you can eat nutritious and tasty food!