Why we have to organize our fridge?

Mention the refrigerator, one of the most frequently used electrical appliance at home, it is absolutely a great invention in human history. It becomes an essential household appliance which can help us keep food more fresh and longer. As we increase the amount of food we need in our lives and the number of items we need to refrigerate, we have more and more things in our refrigerators. So problems are there:

  1. We often buy more things than we expected. The foods and the leftovers not eaten up go to the refrigerator, so the fridge is full of meat, vegetables, fruit, chili sauce, marmalade salad, bread and so on.
  1. Once everything is in the fridge, we assume the food’s safe and won’t go bad. But the truth is just the opposite. Since there are too much things in the fridge, we spend much time looking for a piece of bread, or a bottle of flavouring. And at last we just give up looking for it. The food is stuffed in the corner. You may think you have never bought such food. When you clean the refrigerator, it is found out gone bad, even beyond the expired date for a long time.
  1. When all the different ingredients are put together, it’s easy to cross-taste. Sometimes you open the refrigerator, a pungent smell comes rushing from the inside, makes you run away immediately. Also, blood and water from some meats, as well as stains from decaying ingredients, contaminate the refrigerator.

How do we organize the fridge?

The refrigerator must be cleaned regularly

Because food in the refrigerator can cross-contaminate, bacteria can attach to the sides of the refrigerator. Some expired food will also go bad, eating these foods will cause harm to the body, causing a lot of gastrointestinal discomfort.

Different foods have to managed in different way

Separate the ingredients, store them in separate boxes or bags, and keep a separate compartment between the ingredients. Now on the market a wide variety of storage boxes, a wide variety of flat, high, large, small, with the lid without the lid, you have many choices. In particular, some transparent storage boxes are clear. The are very suitable for using in refrigerator. They greatly save time to help you get food you want.

Meat and fish

It’s better to store meat and fish (such as Bacon, steak, yellow croaker, salmon, etc.) in flat, stackable containers. Take out one box when you use it, other boxes will not be affected. Remember to store different food in different layer and keep one meal one box. When you do this, it’s healthy and convenient to take out the right foods you need for one meal.

Fruits and vegetables

We have a variety of fresh boxes optional from market for the fruits and vegetables. Such as the transparent stackable storage boxes with drain board downside. With the storage boxes, you can easily find the ingredients you want and at the same time the refrigerator will be neat and orderly and there is no sewage flow embarrassment. These storage boxes can be placed in the middle of the refrigerator freezer, where we can put our favorite snacks and fruits. We can also use the drawer-like hanging basket, not only to make full use of the upper space on each floor, but also convenient to take out and put into the food by pulling and pushing.


There are many kinds of storage boxes for putting eggs. To get suitable boxes for your refrigerator, you have to know the number of eggs you need to storage and the approximate length, width and height of containers. Containers for storing eggs are safe with the special design. You don’t have to worry about the eggs easily got broken. The egg storage boxes are must-have things in the fridge.

Bottles and drinks

We use ratating bins to put bottles and drinks. Bottles can be high or low, large or small, and the use of a circular rotating bin does not limit these. Moreover, you can easily get the bottle you want by simply rotating the bin, and you can easily find the condiment you want. If the container is transparent, you can see the bottle at a glance and find it faster.

Different areas are for different kinds of food

The refrigerator has different refrigerating areas such as freezer compartment, refrigerator area as well as the door space. We generally place the fruits, vegetables, leftovers, eggs in the refrigerator or refrigerator door, and put steak, meat, seafood, ice cream in the frozen compartment. Drinks, bottles are generally placed in the refrigerator door spaces. Remember not to mix and match. It’s better to keep them where they belong. If you have time, you can cut them according to the amount of a meal, and then pack them. When you cook, just take out a portion. It’s convenient and quick. This will also avoid affecting the rest of the ingredients. Remember to label each box and bag according to the type of meat, storage date, etc. and then put them in the refrigerator. Remember to keep the label facing out so it’s easy to pick up at a glance.

More suggestions to keep fridge clean

It’s better not to put the fridge together with other large electrical appliances at home. If you put the fridge together with other home appliances, it’s easy to produce much heat and increase the burden of the refrigerator, power consumption will also increase. In the meantime, the fridge has to avoid direct sunlight. In short, the refrigerator needs to be far away from the heat source and it needs adequate space for heat dissipation.

Clean your fridge regularly. Refrigerator humidity is easy to breed bacteria. So make sure to develop the habit of regular cleaning, at least 2 times a year.

Cleaning methods. There is a good way to remove the smell from the fridge. Mix the vinegar and water with 1:1 ratio. Then you can put them into a small spray pot. Spray the inside of the refrigerator with the liquid and then wipe with a cloth washed by clean water.

Take out things that don’t need to be put in the fridge. Don’t put all the foods, bottles even cosmetics in the fridge. What items are not necessary to go into the fridge?

Honey is a kind of substance having a strong antibacterial effect. So we can store it under room temperature with sealed preservation. We can place them at room temperature for a long time, no mildew or qualitative change. Don’t throw it into your refrigerator.

These root vegetables are not easy to go bad at the room temperature. Keep them in place with dry and fresh air, not under direct sunlight. It’s better to put them at dry place than put into fridge. Because the moisture in the fridge will easily soften them which speeds up the decay. In addition, immature tomatoes are also suggested not to be kept in fridge because ethylene released by itself will ripen it slowly under room temperature.

These tropical and subtropical fruits are also not suitable to put into fridge because they are afraid of low temperature. It’s better not to put them into your fridge.

Once you take out the chocolate stored in refrigerator, its surface will be spread with a layer of white frost, easy to moldy deterioration, lost the original flavor.

If you buy it in the supermarket without refrigeration, you don’t need to put it in the refrigerator at home.

For storing pickled vegetables, you just keep them away from the oil. They will generally be stored for a long time. Put them in a cool dry place with sealed lids, the storage time will be longer.

The refrigerator humidity is large. It’s not suitable for storage items need dry preservation.

Under the low temperature environment of refrigerator, syrup and oral solution of liquid medicine will reduce the solubility, active ingredients may form crystallization, affect the efficacy.

Some people recently like to put facial masks in the refrigerator. Actually there is no need to put them in fridge unless they have special instructions on package. Cosmetics often have long term quality guarantee period 2-3 years, even 3-5 years. Just put them in a cool and ventilated place to avoid the direct sunlight.

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