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1059 Microwave Splatter Cover

Large Microwave Splatter Cover Microwave Cover for Foods, BPA Free Microwave Plate Cover Guard Lid with Adjustable Steam Vents Keeps Microwave Oven Clean Dishwasher Safe

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QUALITY MATERIAL-This microwave splatter cover is made of food grade PP material with BPA free. It is a material for making nursing bottles which is a world-recognized food container safety material. The lid is suitable for cooked food and leftovers, a good way to cover food. It is a good helper in your kitchen.


NO MORE MESS & SPATTERS- Using this microwave cover to protects against food splatter while cooking and keeps food warm after cooking. Accented with a safe and easy grip handle. Keep microwave and appliances clean from spatters and splattering food when covering cookware-bowls. Reduce the waste by using this microwave cover over time and time again. Microwave splatter cover replace the plastic wrap, won’t touch with food directly.


VENT DESIGN FOR STEAM-This microwave cover come with steam vents. Easy to release steam efficiently, allows the food to be heated evenly. Finger grip and handle easy to hold and lift. You won’t touch with food directly and it is easy to use.


FITS PLATES SMALLER 10 INCHES- This microwave plate cover is 26.5cm diameter by 10.5cm high, the perfect size for universal bowls and plates. It also support hanging installation, hanging the microwave cover to a kitchen place so that it doesn’t take up any extra space, easily to find and use it!!!


EASY TO USE- The microwave splatter cover design with adjustable steam vents to release steam efficiently. Finger grip and handle easy to hold and lift, the handle making it easy to lift the lid off food without burning your fingers. The microwave food cover safe for the whole even for children or those with weaker hands to use.

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