Why Plastic Containers are Used Widely in our Daily Life?

Keeping our home organized and clutter-free is essential for a peaceful and comfortable living environment. We have many ways to organize our homes, but nothing is as versatile and readily available as boxes and containers. Storage containers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and each serves its unique purpose. In this article, we will explore 10 different […]

Hot-sale categories on Amazon

One of the keys to successfully selling on Amazon is identifying products that are in high demand. Below are a few categories of products that tend to sell well on Amazon. Electronics Electronics are consistently among the top-selling products on Amazon. This category includes everything from smartphones and tablets to cameras and headphones. One reason […]

10 Storage Organizers Makes Your Kitchen Out of Mess

Many people have this feeling: I already bought a lot of storage organizers, containers and have cabinets in kitchen, but why things are not looking the right way and everywhere is still messy? Many of my friends’ kitchens are like this. You have installed some storage cabinets, shelving, storage partitions, and have used all the […]

Several Tips for Storing Eggs in Refrigerator

We buy eggs from the market and oftenly put straight into refrigerator for storage once take them home.  Refrigeration is the right way to store eggs. But if you don’t pay attention to where you put them and how you store them, it’s very easy to turn fresh eggs into “poisoned eggs”. So what’s the right way to store […]

FBA Packing Requirements for Plastic Products

For export goods, product packaging is essential, because the goods have to undergo long-distance transport, loading and unloading etc. In order to protect the goods(sometimes fragile), we have to design a good package for the product to keep them safe and good condition when it arrives at destination. Plastic products because of its light weight, […]

Information about plastic and plastic products

Common Types of Plastic Nowadays plastic things are used everywhere. From the brushes, toilet lid, trash can, covers for all kinds of electrical appliances, storage containers in our daily life, to application in packaging field, construction field, electronic field, auto industry, and also in medical and health field etc. We can see them from the […]

How to organize the refrigerator and have it stay clean?

Why we have to organize our fridge? Mention the refrigerator, one of the most frequently used electrical appliance at home, it is absolutely a great invention in human history. It becomes an essential household appliance which can help us keep food more fresh and longer. As we increase the amount of food we need in […]